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My fish will eat yours alive!

Anybody and everybody who reads this!

Comment and tell me at least one thing you'd like to do with me someday. Then post this in your journal to find out what people want to do with you.

(Stolen from hoccochick (Lindsey), with love.)

I haven't updated in over a week, which is a record for this little internet dork.

School is in full swing, soccer is going okay (still some major complications with coach), Phil and I celebrated our 7 month anniversary today with Godiva chocolate and expensive sushi and I got a betta, Japanese fighting fish, which Gerry has named for me, Gilgamesh.

But, I'm getting sleepy, so I must be off.
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betta fish = super cool/good anniversary gift (unless that was a different thought.. in which case.. yes!). =)
Someday, I'd like to meet you. xP (and play with your piercings! in a non-sexual manner, that is...)

and Gilgamesh is the coolest name for a fish, EVAR.
i wanna go get piercings together!


October 3 2004, 17:33:22 UTC 13 years ago

did you ever date a guy named gerry?
Who is this?